Only Good Driver on the Planet Crashes

Before you put a sticker on your car, consider the worst thing that could possibly happen -an auto accident. And then consider that if you make the news, people will read your bumper sticker. It happened in Manhattan.
A driver who crashed and flipped on the FDR Drive yesterday might want to consider retiring his bumper sticker, which reads: “Why am I the only one on the planet who knows how to drive?”

It was seen on the rear bumper of this Nissan Altima. which lost a high-speed battle with a guardrail in a northbound lane at East 71st Street at 9 a.m.

No other cars were involved.

The unnamed driver was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Link -via Arbroath

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to quote the late great George Carlin.

"Ever notice how anyone driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone driving faster is a maniac?"
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I work as a Paramedic in Canada.
God's truth, last week we responded to a crash where the driver of a large 4x4 changed lanes in heavy morning traffic w/o noticing the cars in that lane had stopped.
Fortunately no one was badly hurt . ....
His Hitch Cover said:
"The Guy In Front Of Me Is An Idiot!"
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Don, they call it my lane myopia, a condition typified by the statement "it shouldn't be there, so I don't have to look for it". However I think that guys hitch cover sums it up even better. Anybody with that sticker probably spends a lot of time hitting the vehicle in front.
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