Cows Happy to be Outdoors

This one is udderly wonderful: a herd of Holstein cattle being released from their indoor winter housing to enjoy the outdoors. Watch as they frolic in the fields - Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via Boing Boing

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I'm happy to see their moment of happiness - sadly 99% of their lives are filled with sadness and pain.

1- Dairy cows are forcefully impregnated through a system officially called "r*pe rack" - a man inserts his hand down her *nus to push her uterus down and then inserts a syringe with sp*rm through her v*gina.

2- She's pregnant for 9 months, in confinement, and when she finally gives birth her calf is immediately taken away from her - she'll howl for days calling for her baby.

3- If the baby is a male, he'll be either sent to the veal industry where he'll be confined and fed a low iron diet so his meat is soft. Or he'll be shot de*d - or, most often, he's left to die.

4- If the baby is a female, she's grown to be a dairy cow herself and suffer the same fate as her mother.

5- A dairy cow produces 12x more milk than she would naturally with her baby. Giving milk is painful, ask any woman, being s*cked several hours a day 12x more than she does naturally is very painful.

6- Free living cows can live up to 25 years, but dairy cows only live about 6 years and in that time period she'll have 4 babies taken away from her. She is then sent to slaughter to be made into cheap meat.

Videos like this make us smile because we care, because we have empathy - but the sad part that happens 99% of the time is always hidden from the public.
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"Cows Happy to be Outdoors"

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