Lady Gaga Autographs Urinal, Urinal Now on Sale for $460,000

It was an ordinary urinal, but now it's extraordinary:

The man toilet was used in a Gaga photo shoot for Vogue Homme in Japan, though it’s highly doubtful the pop star actually used it. The Lady donated the urinal to, a fashion website that is trying to hock it for just under half a million dollars.

She's a reasonably talented performer, but I think that it was premature to grant Lady Gaga a peerage. Perhaps she should have received only a knighthood, as in the case of Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: Flickr user Peter Cruise

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I see the connection: Lady Gaga and a receptacle for male bodily fluids. They're like kindred spirits.

man toilet - someone's got a new nickname.
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By giving her the attention we reward her for seeking it, so it's not only her fault.

And it's not just her; "pop culture" is littered with empty headed bimbos & mimbos.
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I hate Lady Gaga and this is just another example of how much of a wannabe sophisticate she is. Face it Gaga, you're a freaking pop star. Now get over yourself.
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