Veterinary X-ray Contest

What you see here is an x-ray of a dog that had eaten nine handballs. Veterinarian Vanessa Hawkins of Bayshore Animal Hospital in Warrenton, Oregon removed the balls and then won the annual x-ray competition from the trade publication Veterinary Practice News. The dog had come in for a leg problem, and the handballs were found incidentally! The competition runners-up have some strange stories, too.
A 6-month-old bulldog, Tinkerbell, ate a training collar off another bulldog in their house.  The owners had no idea until she ate a second metal slip collar and then proceeded to become seriously ill.  Doctors were surprised to find two slip collars in her stomach.

Penelope, a 2-year-old duck, presented for left leg lameness and was uncomfortable upon abominal palpation. Radiographs showed a nail and stones in her gizzard. Surgery was performed and Penelope went home. She was back a month later. Radiographs revealed another nail and a second surgery was performed.

A 1 1?2-year-old male Chi-weenie had chewed on a bottle of Gorilla Glue. The glue expanded in his stomach and molded to it perfectly. He had a complete recovery after the surgery.

There's more, all with x-rays, in the contest announcement. Link -via Metafilter

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