True Feline Patriotism

Do you love America? Do you want to show it? Then you do it with cats, I tells ya, cats! Not dogs, not ferrets, not emus or llamas, but cats and nothing else.

Link via Jalopnik | Photo: The Clearly Dope

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Oh, if my car weren't ten years old (it runs. it's paid for) and the clearcoat disintegrating here and there like leprosy, I would so get this!!
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Eh. Not neat.
Minnesotastan, the moir is due to the image on the rear window being printed on a screen. This allows whomever is on the darker side of the screen to see out while others cannot see in.
Oy, the internet tempts me to be so judgemental...
I have to wonder if what this person believes in more:
The flag, the nativity scene, the cats, or hyundai's marketing. Perhaps they believe in everything or perhaps they are a hipster being ironic as that is a trend...
My own vehicle is very custom and probably says alot more about me then I originally intended. I even removed some of the manufacturer's badging as I just don't go for that kind of representation.
Do you think in cases of road rage or even a traffic violation that this 'branding' of one's self helps, hinders, or ???
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