3D Fog Holograph

Remember the holographic projection of Princess Leia in Star Wars? Well, that may be coming to reality soon, thanks to ... fog:

Researchers at Osaka University in Japan have made a 3D and 360-degree display that projects from a variety of different angles onto a cylindrical fog display. This combination of multiple-point of view projectors and the cylinder allows for a display that is 3D no matter what side you view it from, though in order to get a holodeck style of projection a much larger set of projectors, and a lot more fog, would need to be on hand.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - more info at Physorg

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This is not a new idea. A similar system, called "Integral Projection" was developed more than 60 years ago. It used a large number of projection points from pinhole cameras.

A somewhat similar system was developed by IT7Ts Research Lab in the 1950s. It used a cylinder containing an inclined revolving screen excited by a scanning electron beam, and produced a true 3 D image, that could be viewed from any position outside the cylinder.
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for holodeck you'd need more than just a 3D image "suspended" in fog, but this is awesome non-the-less.

Can't wait for Nintendo's GameboyFOG to be released... sometime next year I would guess :D lol....
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