Ear Picking

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Forget luxurious shampoos, relaxing shaves, and facial treatments at spas. These beauty treatments don't come close to the Vietnamese art of ear picking:

"It brings a lot of happiness," said Silicon Valley resident Nguyen Tuong Tam, who always heads to a hot toc upon arriving in this city, also known as Saigon. He likens a good ear picking to good sex. Indeed, fans of ear picking gleefully talk about "ear-gasms."

There is a spot near the ear drum that, when touched the right way, "tingles," said 26-year-old ear picker Nguyen Thi Le Hang. "For one person, it may just be a tickle. For another person, it's a mind-blowing experience."

In fact, the ear has a G-spot, said Dr. Todd Dray, an ear, nose and throat surgeon at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center-Santa Clara. "The skin in your ear is super thin -- it's paper thin," he said. "It's very sensitive. And there are a lot of nerves that converge in the ear."


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I'm definitely more afraid of the barber's straight razor than the ear picking (which is delightful), well, the shave is nice too but I can't help but think, "This dude could totally slit my throat right now".
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done that several times in China,

it tickles A LOT indeed, and it's kinda scary what they take out our ear.

I would recommend only with professional as the inner ear is really fragile.
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Would you let a barber shave you with a straight razor? After all, he might slit your throat. Would you let someone massage you with their feet (ashiatsu)? They might fall on you, or crush you. Would you let a beautician work on your lashes? She might jab you in the eye.

Ear picking does pose a slight risk, but it is a wonderful experience.
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