How to Make a Shifting Rorschach Mask

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YouTube user guinness0507 created a mask that displays shifting black and white shapes, like the one that superhero Rorschach from Watchmen wears. Thermochromatic paint applied to a t-shirt changes from black to white as the user's breath heats it above 86º F.

via GearFuse

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I nearly died when I saw the end result. I am not familiar with the movie The Watchmen. The result was amazing. Well done. I hope it's safe to put that over the face. Thanks for posting.
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If you wanted to go really crazy, I bet you could find black thermochromic paints that change at a few different temperatures for a real lightshow. Imagine this with three layers: 75 degrees, 80 degrees and 85 degrees. It'd constantly be in flux.
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I made one of these using paintwithpearl colour changing pigment.

It worked a treat - was super engrossing for my friends who may or may not have been tripping on a substance that comes on little squares of blotting paper.

Regarding side effects, when the cloth is dry it feels like breathing through a regular shirt - you're not inhaling any dyes or anything.
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Mild amusement until the wearer asphyxiates himself. I wonder if breathing in that stuff has any harmful side effects.
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