Megastructures: Bigger-Than-Worlds

Engineers like to think big. Some plan extremely big in order to take on projects like unlimited energy, room for a growing population, or settlements in outer space. Take, for example, Larry Niven's concept called Ringworld.
The idea of rather simple: take most of the planets in the solar system, chew them up, and then turn them into a ring as long as Earth's orbit, as wide as the planet, with 1000 mile high edges to keep the air in. A Ringworld would certainly give you lots of extra space – something on the order of three million earths – and, like Globus Cassus, it would be spun to make fake gravity. You could even make parts of it higher off the surface if you like your air a bit thinner, and if missed days and nights then you could put a row of black squares in an inner orbit to cast shadows.

This is just one of the megastructures you'll see at Dark Roasted Blend. Link

(Image credit: Stephan Martiniere)

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i cringed when they suggested building a dyson sphere around our galaxy

i mean, i'm all for mega structures and thinking big

but i hate when people think that the jump from solar system to galaxy is a clean ramp and not a ridiculous escalation
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