Altoids Martini Kit

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Instructables user spookylean turned an Altoids mint box into a portable martini kit. This way, he's prepared for a martini emergency. He writes:

All you will need to be prepared in any emergency is an Altoids or equivalent tin, some tiny bottles (the smallest one is from a miniature Tabasco sauce bottle), a tiny ziploc bag, a folding paper cup (about the easiest origami there is), and the stopper cannibalized from a dollar store water pistol. Oh, and of course gin (I favour Plymouth) and vermouth (Noilly Prat).

Link via Weer'd World

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Alcoholism? Yeah, because hopeless alcoholics are known for their preference for high-end cocktails on the move.

Just because something involves booze it's promoting alcoholism? How much do I NOT want to get stuck at a dinner party with you killjoys.
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Add some wax to the paper cup, that should make it last longer. Or find a small platic zip-lock bag for a cup. It would be nice to find a fast way to chill the martini too. I know that emergencies are emergencies, but I like them chilled.
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