Flamethrower vs. Fire Extinguisher in Slow Motion

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This is a music video for the song "Ritalin" by techno band Dancing Pigeons. It depicts two men armed with a flamethrower and a fire extinguisher shooting at each other. Director Tomas Mankovsky wrote about the challenges involved in making the video:

It was difficult to know how this shootout would look like in superslowmo. We did some tests with a gas-flamethrower but the flame was only 2-3 meters and it looked quite bad in slowmo, so the special effects guys had to build a new flamethrower from scratch. They made one with liquid fuel, and that one was much better, firing out 10-15 meter flames. But the first time we saw how the flamethrower and fire extinguisher looked and behaved in slowmo was on the day of the shoot.

Link via Geekosystem | Band's Website | Director's Website

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"Flamethrower vs. Fire Extinguisher in Slow Motion"

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