The Lesser of the Two Weevils

The Lesser of the Two Weevils - $9.95

For entomologists, the choice is clear: always pick the lesser of the two weevils. This clever design by Chris Murphy is my current bug T-shirt favorite! Link | More Science T-Shirts

Trivia for you: the word weevil comes from an Old English word "wifel" meaning "small beetle." We won't go into the philosophical matter of whether a bug can be evil, but the destructiveness of certain kinds of weevils is well established: the boll weevil devastated the US cotton industry in the 1920s.

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This is an old, old, old joke.

Back in the seventies I got a birthday card which ran: "I asked the Great Weevil what to get you for your birthday and he told me to buy a sports car. Then I asked the Little Weevil and he told me to buy a card. Naturally I chose the lesser of the two Weevils."

It wasn't funny or original then. It certainly isn't now.
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