Convert Your Phone Number to Words...

...or to gobbledegook, depending on what your phone number is.  The website "PhoneSpell" will convert strings of 3-16 numbers to their phone-dial-equivalent letter combinations.

The sequence 632867262, for example, can spell "Neatorama."  But it can also spell "Me-atop-Ana" or "Me-atop-boa" or "Me-bums-Ana" or any of several dozen other equally nonsensical phrases.  The search engine can also reverse engineer a number for you after you enter a word or phrase.

Give it a try, and if your home/cell/work phone has a particularly apt alphabetical equivalent, feel free to enter the (non-numerical) result in the Comments section.

Link, via 22 Words.

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There is another one over at converting up to 20 digit long numbers to words in English, French, Spanish, German.
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Ok, I get making words out of a phone number, but how hard is it to "Reverse Engineer" a number from a word/phrase? Ha ha. Just look at a phone.
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I had a phone number which spelled out "HER FURY". Unfortunately, it was left behind when I moved cross country a decade ago. It was replaced by MEN-THE-0

Both random draws on the part of the phone company
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