Woman Got Stolen Car Back "Pimped Out"

Usually when your car gets stolen, you don't get it back - or if you do, you get it back in pieces. But that's not what happened to Brooklyn schoolteacher Amanda Pogany. She got her stolen car back 3 years later and it was all "pimped out":

Amanda Pogany's once-humble white 1996 Honda Accord was returned to her drag-race ready, with a brand-new V-8 engine, tinted windows, oversized tires with special hubcaps - and custom valve stem caps shaped like bullet casings.

"When I first saw under the hood I thought it looked like, you know in the movie 'Grease?' Like the 'Grease Lightning' car," said Pogany, 31, who lives in Prospect Heights.

The eighth-grade teacher was shocked when she picked up her long-lost vehicle in the Red Hook impound lot this month.

The previous "owner" souped up the Accord, putting in a manual transmission and leather interior and hanging a Dominican flag and a giant wooden cross from the rearview mirror.

"I'm Jewish," Pogany said, "and I don't even know how to drive a stick shift!"

Link (Photo: Denver for News)

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haha! nice! So I just have two years and 9 months left until I get my car back with a stick and upgraded motor? i guess i can wait.

thanks for the clarification on the engine, Swap1; good call. That would have been a mighty serious undertaking to make it V8- fwd OR rwd!
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That is not a V8 engine the NY Daily News claims it to be. It is actually a inline four cylinder engine. I think they got "V8" mixed up with "VTEC" which is a technology the engine uses.
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