25 Years Ago Today, the First Dot.com URL Was Registered

Twenty-five years ago today, Symbolics Computers of Cambridge, Massachusetts, registered Symbolics.com as a URL. It was the first such claim in computing history:

That same year another five companies jumped on a very slow bandwagon.

It took until 1997, well into the internet boom, before the one millionth dotcom was registered.[...]

It is unlikely that the early dotcoms were thought of as businesses as the early internet was not seen as a place for commerce but rather as a platform for governmental and educational bodies to trade ideas.

Scholars generally agree that a turning point was the introduction of the Mosaic web browser by Netscape that brought mainstream consumers on to the web.

Link via Gizmodo | Image: FBI

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a URL is a uniform resource locator and was invented at Cern for web browsing and using a browser to act on other resources. In 1985 there was no such thing as a URL.

symbolics.com is a DOMAIN name which may point to one or infinite hosts within that domain. It's not a URL
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The internet was a different place back then... It was kind of like the frontier. Untamed, a little scary in its wildness, but ripe with possibility.

1997 was the year that I settled on using Cola as an internet handle, and also my real nickname.
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