Star Wars Subway Ticket

Don't throw away that used subway ticket! You could be holding a potential starfighter in your hands.

Artist Hubert de Lartigue was playing with his Paris Métro ticket between stops, folding it this way and that, wondering how he could give it a cool shape.  He did this for six months, and discovered that with a scalpel and a folding tool, but no glue, he could transform two subway tickets into an X-wing fighter.

Lartigue says:

"I'm very proud of how it turned out and I feel like I am the author of a little masterpiece. I got to the point where I asked myself whether the Parisian metro tickets hadn't actually been designed to enable me to one day use it as a canvas for this 'work.' Their proportions and even the patterns and drawings on them take part in the whole of the work. I'm not kidding, I find that there is a great underlying mystery here..."

He gives step-by-step directions for making an X-wing starfighter here.

More about Paris subway tickets and the history of the Paris Métro here.

Photo by Hubert de Lartigue


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Hehe. I love parisian tickets.
What you are doing with them is just great.
I am going to dare sharing my own experimentations with Paris subway tickets:

Best !
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That is pretty damn awesome.

I don't care if it's been around, I managed to miss it the first time. And it made my day. So that's all that matters.
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