America's Daily Data Consumption

Artist Rob Vargas created this graphic using data from a study by the University of California at San Diego. Americans consume 3.6 zettabytes a day. A zettabyte is one billion trillion bytes. That's a lot of LOLcats!

Link via Fast Company | Artist's Website

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I went and looked at the actual report itself and I'm pretty sure this infographic (while very cool and a great stimulator of discussion--I'm using it with my students tomorrow) represents the data incorrectly. Radio, according to the report, is the equivalent of 2.24 hours a day not 5; same with computer gaming (classified as other on this chart) which is reported at less than an hour per day not the 5 of the graphic.

Am I reading the report/graphic wrong somehow? Is the graphic supposed to be a parody of the typical "geek" who visits sites like Neatorama Fast Company? (I'm sure we skew higher than the average) I went to the original posting site, Fast Company, and saw no clarification. Any thoughts before I spring this on my students?
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"I've also heard that at the place where internet storage is, they're running out of space."

I really hope this was some sort of weird attempt at humor.
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"America's Daily Data Consumption"

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