Are Monocles Becoming Fashionable Again?

Apparently, there's rising demand in the UK for monocles. In The Express, Adam Edwards writes:

The optician Vision Express has announced it is to re-introduce the single eye-glass following a sudden surge of interest among customers. “To our surprise we have had dozens of requests in the last few months so we thought we’d bring back the monocle on a trial basis,” says Bryan Magrath, the chief executive of Vision Express. “We’re as puzzled as anyone by the interest.”[...]

“It is always thought of an affectation,” says His Honour Judge Quentin Edwards who has used the glass most of his adult life. “But it is quite simply a clever device to help read small print or study something in detail. It is a quick and easy alternative to reading glasses and it is far more practical than carrying a pair of spectacles. I pull out my monocle to read the telephone directory, look at a menu or when I need to glance quickly at a document in court.

“You put it in your strong eye in the same way you use your strong eye to look through a microscope or fire a rifle.It is something you put in the eye when there is a need to magnify something. It is only in fiction that anybody wears a monocle all the time.

Link via Ace of Spades HQ | Photo: The Express

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RE: Pince-nez comfort and security: Properly fitted and adjusted a pince-nez remains securely but comfortably attached to the bridge of the nose at all times. Opticians then were skilled in fitting.
Pince-nez was by far the most popular eyewear (especially rimless) during the 1880's to 1920 in the USA and much of Europe particularly with young people.
During World War I the USA army recommended a pince-nez because of the ease of wearing it under a gasmask.
College and High School YearBook photos of the era show that pince-nez was the most popular eyewear..many used no cords, chains or safety devices.
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Moden rimless pince-nez readers are available from Debby Burk optical... Easy to adjust..there are 2 similar types..the newer with oval lenses are better..both sell for about 30 bucks and isinclude reading (plus lenses).
Only reliable info re: pince-nez is on Pince-nez Renaissance.. a blog with has all the accurate info re: pince-nez in great detail... this site/blog was created for those who wish to wear pince-nez eyeglasses
which, BTW were NEVER called spectacles.
There are from 25 to 75 pince-nez available on eBAY each day.. Check out pince-nez photos on
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