The Rise of the Supercats

First fool the humans with the cute kind of cats, and then when they're lulled into a false sense of security, the supercats will take over the world! Here's a story of the rise of a new breed of predator cats as pets in Britain:

The savannah, the most popular, is bred from a serval, a cheetah-like
wildcat found in Africa. It can grow three times larger than a domestic cat and can jump 7ft vertically.

Another breed to have arrived in Britain is the safari, produced by mating a domestic cat with a South American Geoffroy’s Cat. There are also plans by breeders to import the caracat, descended from a caracal, a lynx-like wildcat found in the Middle East and Africa. The savannah is banned in some US states and in Australia, where there were concerns it could kill koalas. [...]

Peter Neville, an expert in pet behaviour from the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB), said: “Cats are predators. I wouldn’t be happy with a savannah around a small child, because of their genes and their size.

I, for one, welcome our new supercat overlords. Jasper Copping of the Telegraph bravely uncovered the supercat conspiracy: Link (Photo: BNPS)

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Seems to me a feline having a mixture of wild and domestic genes is unlikely to have a very happy life as a housecat; its wild and tame instincts would be constantly fighting each other for dominance, making for a kind of kitty schizophrenia.
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I only know one person who's ever bought a cat, and that was a Maine Coon Cat. Everyone else has either had them wished upon them or they've just arrived one day and taken up residence without so much as a "by your leave".
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They would be far more dangerous than a regular housecat. When a regular cat plays, they can really scratch you or bite you, but don't do serious damage. Can you imagine one of these big wildcats scratching you?

Also, a cat that size could definitely bring down a small dog, or a chicken. They are not pets. Even regular cats aren't very domesticated, they roam and hunt, and return when they want to. I wouldn't want to meet one of those huge cats walking down the street.
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