Star Wars Y-Wing Bed

I can't find out much information about this bed -- just some pictures listed on a real estate site. Yup, it's for sale at $364,900. Comes with a house in Visalia, CA and a guarantee of perpetual virginity, like the AT-AT bed.

Link via Topless Robot

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Thanks for the comments! The popularity of our Star Wars room is exploding this week (after having the house on the market for 6 weeks). Yes, this is a kids room. You can go to the house website to bedroom 2 to see all 10 pictures of it. It took me about a year to complete working weekends, etc. The room is 11x13 and the ship covers almost the entire space. We have 9 foot ceilings so the bottom-most part of the ship is 6 feet off the ground which left 2.5 feet above the mattress. Perfect! Pictures dod not do this justice! My 14 year-old has friends lined up at the door just to see it and play in it! The cockpit has a computer joystick (oh, I can hear the jokes already-sigh) wired to a toy blaster gun I carefully split in half and screwed to the underbelly. So lights and blaster sounds (7 total) come from the two main buttons on the joystick. Me and a friend (over 400 pounds) tested the strength of it by hanging off the loft and off the area between the cockpit and the bed - SOLID!! Didn't move a millimeter or make a sound! The concept is: the Y-Wing is leaving a docking bay to head out and fight a battle around the Death Star. The fourth wall (which is from camera position in the above picture) is space with a painting of a small battle scene around the Death Star. You can see there is a window above the bed (I photographed it at night on purpose). On the same wall is the entertainment center with misc cabinets for storage of xbox, etc and a 32 inch LCD-very cool! Instead of bedroom furniture, I used garage furniture to go with the docking bay theme. It was fun making it and the cost was about $2000 (not including the TV).
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Is there a discount because of the visible battle damage? I see some carbon scoring on the starboard hull and engine tube. Looks like the guy's seen a lot of action.
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It costs that much because it has a virtual reality simulator in it where even the most inexperienced virgin can pretend to be Hans Solo and make out with intergalatic alien pirate chicks.

I was gonna add as Chewy watched on but hesitated. Aww what the heck.
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$364,900,- to keep your virginity intact...?
...A bargain I should say!

Then again-
If you already have a spaceport, take time to surf the internet for some nice Y-wing pic's, do some drawing and measuring and if you buy about $100,- worth plywood, plastic tubes, 2 domed dustbins and some paint and acryllic glass and you put ...say about one day's time of work in it, you could get your own Y-Wing much cheaper. :-)
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