Cat Ladders

Here's a blog that collects and displays cat ladders from all over the world -and there are plenty, with a variety of useful designs. The ladder shown was found in France. Link -via Metafilter (image credit: Lara Craft)

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We have one of these for our two cats - it was at our house when we moved in but we didn't know what it was, until our cats started using it all the time. :)
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star4589 - you don't. Unless you have one of those expensive electronic catflaps in the window which only opens for a) cats with the right collar or b) guests of a cat which has learned to hold the flap open for them.
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Never heard of these things, but I am quite impressed with some of them. But how can the owner assure that no other animal will wander up the ladder into their house?
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I never knew before this moment that such a thing as "Cat Ladders" even existed, and now I also find out that there's an entire blog dedicatedc to them. Amazing.
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Side note... When we had a pool, I made a ramp out of 1/4" steel mesh and hung it over the water outlet. Saved a lot of frogs that way, who jumped in when it rained.
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