To Bee or Not to Bee

Keeping bees is illegal in New York City. That doesn't mean there are no beekeepers in the city; they just keep their bees hidden on rooftops. Now a resolution to legalize beekeeping is on the table, and many are interested in starting a new hobby.
Beekeeping classes in New York City were brimming with students this spring, partly because of publicity after a city council bill was introduced to legalize beekeeping.

On one Sunday in April the student beekeepers gathered for a live demonstration of hiving.

Afterwards they got two boxes; one with about 20,000 live bees, and another smaller one with the queen bee inside.

National Geographic has a video report, including an appearance by an underground beekeeper who is allergic to bee stings! Link -via Digg

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@Skipweasel and Eric: Very funny. I'd almost forgotten that skit.

I think it's a great idea. I have read that bees are decreasing in number rapidly and scientists do not know why. This could have devastating effects on our food production. I'd rather get stung by a bee than starve. Yeah bees!!
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I've only read a few things about beekeeping, but I find it fascinating. I understand its a true artform to keep those bees happy and not abandon the hive.

I hope you're right about the Africanized bees. Every once in awhile we hear about them coming farther up north. Its really a shame that we screwed with thousands of years of domestic bee breeding.
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