Pixel City

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Pixel City is a procedurally-generated city by Shamus Young. For the non-coders out there, this essentially means that based on a certain set of rules, a 3-D city is generated dynamically each time the program runs.

- via diskursdisko

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by \'\' diskursdisko.

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Easier version of the link above:

Not to take attention away from Shamus' work, though. Awesome accomplishment for a single guy dinking around, and a pleasure to read.
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as for Crispy's link, i got it to work. There's a space there between 20081 and 223 in the link, and when copy-pasted, the copy-paste function tends to add the characters '%20' inplace of the space, which messed things up. so it you pater it in your address bar, make sure that it showes '20081223' as one unbroken string. in otherwords:

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