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Cannonball in Mercury: Will It Float?

David Letterman never did anything this cool on his "Will It Float?" skit: here's one from the BBC involving a cannonball and a bath (!) of mercury.

Link (embedded YouTube clip)

You probably guessed what happened, but it's cool to see anyways ...

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Speaking of life expectancy...

I have a question: What is the life expectancy of BBC narrators talking in front of a tub of liquid mercury?
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I remember seeing this as a kid; I don't remember the specifics, but at the time, the narrator was talking about the life expectancy of the slaves who mined mercury being in the order of days.

As for being around the fumes, he comments earlier in the programme that there are massive extractor fans above the baths to take the fumes away.

If anyone can remember the name of (or better yet, provide) the actual program , I'd be very interested.
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