The Life of a Star


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A fascinating video clip depicting the 12 billion years life cycle of a Class G type star in 6 minutes (actually 6:29). From its conception, birth, death - and the deaths of surrounding celestial bodies - and then its remnants contributing to the growth of future stars and planets are all shown. No narration just great music and animation so sit back and relax.

* Interesting note for those who don't know: our Sun (Latin name Sol) is a Class G type star.

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@ heather

I live up in Toronto, Canada. So, we've been getting periods of fresh snow every now and then. Though as of late it's been melting slowly. Oh, and if you want a snowball fight. Bring it oooon! :D
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Beautiful animations and a great accompanying song.

@Ali S. You have snow too? You must be near Washington since we just got a surprise snowfall last night. Now I have an overwhelming urge to start a snowball fight >:)
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As mentioned, the music is Hayling by FC Kahuna. It features quite heavily in the Layer Cake soundtrack, if you're interested :)
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