Strange Hangover Cures From Around the World

Photos: Rebecca Hale, NG Staff, Cathy Smith

National Geographic has an interesting article about some of the strangest hangover cures from around the world. Perhaps they mean "cure" in a way that you'll never touch alcohol again if you're forced to take these the morning after:

Germany: Pickled Herring
Pickled or marinated herring is the main ingredient in a sour snack Germans call Rollmops. Considered an excellent way to ward off a bad hangover, they're made by wrapping fillets of the tiny white fish around bits of onion and gherkin. Rollmops can be a welcome part of what Germans call katerfrühstück, or the hangover breakfast.

Romania: Tripe Soup
Tripe - aka cow stomach - is the go-to ingredient for many Romanians suffering from a hangover. It's also a common "cure" in Mexico and Turkey, and no doubt many other countries as well. But in Romania, the edible offal is boiled in a greasy, salty soup of root vegetables, garlic vinegar, and cream.

Poland: Sour pickle juice
Polish hangover remedies are all about the sour. Some say that soured milk (which is unpasteurized and has been left at room temperature for a day or tow) does the trick. Others favor sour - very sour - pickle juice, heavy on the vinegar.

Catherine L. Barker has the story: Link to interactive Flash page - Thanks Marilyn!

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the key to drinkin ur ass off (my fav passtime that as a matter o' fact, i'm bout 2 do) is preparation: eat really salty foods including cod or salt fish n drink a capful size of olive or cod liver oil

then drink away!!!!!
if u feel like sh*t the nx day, plenty of green tea and fresh-squeezed lime juice, works within an hour 4 me, and trust that i drink; i'm known to mix corn liquor/moonshine w/goose...hell yeah...then as erry1 is sayin, replace those electrolytes, powerade is good

got this remedy from my ma who is german, italian, n indian, my pa who is afro caribbean jus say, handle it like a man...u like drinkin!!! ha, ha!

oh, n i've heard of the cow stomach, pickles, n pickled herring...they all work 4 some friends of mine
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as a kraut i can say that the rollmops is used more in the north of germany... and i have really no idea what's common in the south to be honest.

i have bad hangovers... most the time a shot of vodka and a glass of cold orange juice (or a screwdriver, but that's harder to get down imho) and something really spicy to eat get me down enough to at least work if i have to. :)
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I use Hungry Jacks burger and chips as a hangover cure, worked really well but i couldn't drink the coke so I used soda. Yum, tripe soupe, I haven't had that in a while, but it's really good. It also has a hard to describe taste. I just didn't know it as a hangover cure.
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