Professor John Hart of the University of Michigan created nanoscale likenesses of president-elect Barack Obama that are each smaller than a grain of sand! The "nanobamas" were made to raise awareness of nanotechnology.
Each one contains about 150 million carbon nanotubes stacked vertically like trees in a forest. A carbon nanotube is an extraordinarily strong hollow cylinder about 1/50,000th the width of a human hair.

"Developments like this are an excellent way to bring the concepts of nanotechnology to a broader audience," said Hart, who made the portraits with his colleagues by working late on a Friday evening. "Also, we thought it would be fun."

The 3D likenesses are made of carbon and are half a millimeter wide. Link -Thanks, Sid Morrison!

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My president is smaller than your president!

I found it amusing that they had to specify that although they get gobs of Federal grant money, the work on this was done on a Friday evening after the lab officially closed. Translation: "Please don't let this be used as an example of frivolous waste of taxpayer $". Hah hah
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