Man Literally Scared Stiff When Startled

Andy Latham, 33, has hyperekplexia, a weird genetic condition that makes him go rigid when startled. He's literally scared stiff!

"Some people might jump when a firework goes off, but I'm literally scared stiff," he said.

"My whole body will seize and stiffen, causing me to fall over like a dead-weight. It can be very dangerous - one year I fell over and banged my head when a firework went off and had to go to hospital and have stitches."

Mr Latham, of Great Harwood, near Accrington, Lancs, went on: "I have the major form of Hyperekplexia, which means I have an exaggerated startle response to the unexpected.

"So many things can set me off - someone touching me from behind, clapping, dogs barking, phones ringing, people shouting, car horns, people coughing.

"But fireworks are particularly bad for me because they are so loud and sudden. I dread Bonfire Night."

Link (Photo: North News & Pictures)

It's the human version of the fainting goats.

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Fainting goats have cataplexia, which is a different disorder, that also is seen in humans...Close but more of a limp fall than a stiff fall.
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