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Ska-loving kangaroo torments unsuspecting French population

I hope that I never grow out of finding this sort of thing funny.

The man in the "kangourou" costume is French prankster RĂ©mi Gaillard. He's famous in France for wearing national sports teams' uniforms and slipping by security to join the teams on the pitch, at victory parties, in audience with President Jacques Chirac, etc. - all for the benefit of the camera.

The influence of Jackass and the UK's Dom Joly are apparent in this video of Gaillard on a rampage dressed like a kangaroo. The song is "Kangourou Nomade" by the French ska band Nomades et Skaetera. [DailyMotion]

Note: The video includes a brief shot of a topless sun-bather. I suggest that if breasts frighten you, you should avert your eyes.

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...blablabla a$$h0le...blablabla beat down...blablabla I'm a tough American guy...grrrrrr. I say we carpet bomb him! Friendly fire! Collateral damage! Pre-emptive kangarooing! Darn tootin'!
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Okay like it really matters who's right in a comment war over a blog post. Get lives.

Anyone speak french? I'd love to know what they were saying ;P
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As others have said, I am a very calm person who loves to laugh, but I don't find cruel physical assaults (for lack of a better word) to be funny. Especially to people who don't deserve it.

I laugh at a lot of things, but this was just meh...
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