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How a Dog Drinks
Ever wonder how exactly a dog drinks? Do you think that the dog's tongue splashes water into its mouth?

Jeff Lieberman of Discovery Channel's Time Warp uses a slow-motion camera to find out the surprising answer: Link

BLEVE: The Science Behind Massive Explosions
What happens when a tanker containing 30,000 gallons of boiling liquid propane catches on fire? Here's a clip explaining the science behind a BLEVE (pronounced "blevvy") or "Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion": Link

YouTube in 1985
What did YouTube look like way before the Interweb? Here's what it looks like in 1985 ...

A parody by Matt Koval: Link

ReWalk Exoskeleton Enables Paralyzed People to Walk Again
For the first time in 20 year, a 41-year-old paraplegic Radi Kaiof can walk again, thanks to ReWalk, an exoskeleton invented by Dr. Amit Goffer of Argo Medical Technologies.

Here's a clip of ReWalk in action: Link

Most Entertaining Boxer in History
OK, enough tech stuff. Now something different: here's the most entertaining boxer in history, Emanuel "YA" Augustus and his showboatin' ways!


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My suggestion for most entertaining boxer would be the brilliant, flawed, idiot Prince Naseem Hamed:
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I'm a big time boxing fan and Augustus\Burton was the best of the best when it came to trading blows. The showmanship got him into huge trouble and lost him a lot of fights. Which is sad to say the least. Many judges and refs would subtract points for his antics.
I would say he had the fight of the last century tied up.
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