Gargantuan Scale Model of Shanghai in 2020

With over 20 million people in its extended metropolitan area, Shanghai is China's most populated city. With an area of nearly 5,300 km² (2,046 sq mi), it is also one of the world's largest urban areas - and it's growing fast.

On the third floor of the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum, there is what probably is the world's largest scale model of a city. The room-sized model of central Shanghai in 2020, as envisioned by the urban planners, fills an area larger than 100 square meters (1,000 square feet) - via media pigs, Thanks Mark Dearman!

Photo: brandon [Flickr]

Photo: +tajc [Flickr]

Photo: pete&brook [Flickr]

Photo: pete&brook [Flickr]

Photo: larryncelia [Flickr]

wouldn't it be cool if little pixie humans inhabited the model city at night?
i dare someone to to the museum, sneak in past closing and peer into a few of the apartment windows.
could you imagine how small their rice wine cups are??
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Wow that was much work to build it, wasn't it? But it's a nice model of Shanghai. I really like that. But I never want to clean it, that would be too much work for me, I think ;)
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I think there are some 20 cities in China with over 8 million people that you and I have never even heard of!
want to see a glimpse of the future? this 15 min film was at Sundance a couple years back - you will laugh and be scared to death at the same time:
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Tried the video and it just came up with..

"Error loading module error:[ProgressEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 bytesLoaded=0 bytesTotal=0]"
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I think what in the future the river aren´t blue and the trees aren´t green, this are black....
I´m spanish and I don´t speak english....sorry for my fail!!
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So they expect one day Shanghai will be "finished" and there won't be hundreds of cranes? That's one of the first things you notice there - how many construction cranes there are.
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America has to step it up because China is coming up and America is coming down with its 9 trillion dollar debt. God does not bless America anyone, we killed it, threw it away, and ignoring it. Good Job!
But .. it doesnt have to end like this if we get our American roots back..
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I guess that if you have to accomodate over 20 million people then the helter-skelter forest of skyscapers that we see in the model is no surprise- but that doesn't make it a desirable urban setting to be in.
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