Quote: Einstein on Miracles

"There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.The other is as though everything is a miracle."

- Albert Einstein, physicist and Nobel laureate

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The thing about public figures like Geo Washington,
Benny Franklin, Abby Lincoln, and Al Ein is that
just like you and me - they are not geniuses or
presidents, or world figures - 24/7.

Meaning they are allowed to be as trivial and
irrelevant, and silly as you and me. That includes
having a sense of humor. These guys have become
cardboard characters by use, school teachers,
and authors who make a living selling stuff on
Amazon and Barnes and Ignoble.

Nobody ever reads these comments anyway, so I
call this Stream-of-Consciousness - self-talk.
Al E was my Mom's cousin - back in Austria -
The whole family was suspicious of the Professor
and his book learning - they were mostly small
business owners, and my Mom lived on a small
farm -ignorant as dirt.

Who knew the weird kid would be a world figure,
and move to American - the promised land for
European despised Hebrews.

So, goodbye, Al really knew there was more than
two-ways to think about miracles, and #3 was
to exercise a little humor about it.

P.S. My Mom introduced me to him at a family
wedding in NYC. He patted me on the kopf, and
I was a nice kid, guess he really didn't know
that much. Damn, we never discussed E=mc2.

See ya,
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