The Films of Joel and Ethan Coen: A Mashup

Those of you who are huge Coen brothers fans like me know that despite being set in a variety of outlandish places (e.g. Arizona in "Raising Arizona", L.A. in "Barton Fink," Brainerd in "Fargo") a lot of their films have similarities: ponderous voiceovers, psychotic white males, copious amounts of gunplay. But this brilliant mashup by Youtube user barringer82 not only reveals the visual and aural similarities between many of their films; it also does an excellent job of showing you how diverse and compelling their films really are. Bonus points if you can identify every single one of the films used.

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if it weren't for my brother, i wouldn't really know the magic that is the coen brothers. i love that they have set a style for themselves using vast wastelands to depict the mundaine. and their ecclectic taste allows their plots to take place really at any point on a timeline. i also love that they (like many others) use the same actors for different roles and create sincerely awkward situations. LOVE. THEM.

@andrewdoane: just like all the other coen brothers movies, 'no country' takes a couple times of viewing to really understand and appreciate. they don't make hit-or-miss movies where you only watch it once, they make hit-and-keep-hitting-to-make-sure-you-didn't-miss-anything movies where you are almost obligated to watch half a dozen times because it's not possible to get the entire picture after seeing it once or twice. or even three times. i didn't like fargo at first because it was too slow and boring, and their accents were killing me. but then i found myself saying "oh ya!" all the time. i have to say their movies aren't exactly attention grabbers. i just PINE for them!
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