The Real Life Garfield

Meet Orazi, the real life Garfield. The portly cat weighs 35 lb. (16 kg) - so heavy that its owner Laura Santarelli of Eupilio, Italy, had trouble picking it up! Link

Previously on Neatorama: Top 15 Amazingly Fat Cats (Orazio is skinny compared to these cats - it would've only come in at #10).

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esta muy lindo pero me parece que no es gato, es gata, no le veo sus cositas, garfield i love you me alegro de solo pensar que existe un gato muy parecido al holgazán de garfield, todos tenemos un niño dentro
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I have a cat that looks just like this one. We rescued him from a house where people just moved and left him. He was big from the start and is still big. We feed him two very small servings of dry cat food a day. He lives outdoors and gets a lot of exercise. He can run and climb very well, he just looks awkward when he does. He's very gentle, especially with my grandchildren. He's a happy cat. So those of you attacking this woman, lay off her, it may not be her fault. The cat looks happy to me.
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I have 3 cats, one is fat (9 kg), but I try to reduce the food, do not make them bigger than now. But this lady is egoistic, I think. Poor cat, may be in another life will be swiched as human,and this lady as cat :)))
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