Kitty Cat Dance

You may have seen this before (it's from way back in 2005), but it was new to me: the famous Kitty Cat Dance. Why? Why not (plus it's better than being rickrolled - kittyrolled!)

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

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isn't the lyric "I say sexy things to myself when I'm dancing"

the version of "I DO sexy things to myself" somehow seems a little creepy, esp in the context of one's little girl singing along.
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This flash is much older than 2005 - I believe it originated from Albino Black Sheep, it's a classic, really. Attempting a background check I can't really find out the exact date of its submission to ABS, but I recall watching it in 2003 or 2004.

Also, if this becomes the next Rickroll, I'll shoot myself :C
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Ahh, memories! I showed this vid to my friends a few weeks ago and one of them kept saying "WTF is this? It's so weird!" while the rest of us were giggling like idiots. :D
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