Tooth Implant Restored Man's Vision

Rob McNichol lost his sight in a work-place accident, when liquid aluminum exploded in his face several years ago. But now, thanks to his son's tooth, he can see again. Here's the story of a strange medical procedure called the Osteo Odonto Kerato Prosthesis:

The surgery, Osteo Odonto Kerato Prosthesis (OOKP), involved fitting a living canine tooth with an optical cylinder and transplanting it into the eye cavity. [...]

"It doesn't look that great to be honest. People think I look like the Terminator but I don't care. The looks end of it are cosmetic and they don't matter.

"What is incredible is that I have come out of darkness into light again. I can watch television. I can walk down the street on my own. I can play darts and pool. I can see my wife and kids. It is just unbelievable".

Link - Thanks Rob!

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To: Doubter 5th July

Yes I agree, the genuine story, and seen several
times is the one from Telegraph uk.

The other one, seems a strange photo.
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Where did you get this photo? I've seen a different photo along with this story at ttp://
and others - not the same man!

Something smells fishy about this story!
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