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Customer Service Call

(YouTube link)

Evan Jake does an impression of his dad on the phone with the cable company. -via Consumerist

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Couldn't watch it through. Seen kids play with phones before. This is how they end up dialing 911.

The only part I questioned was does the kid's dad wear a diaper, cause the subtitles referred to a diaper, and this was supposed to be him as his dad???
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Gee, Kelly........apparently sarcasm is an idea that you're not familiar with. I hope YOU didn't get one of those licenses! HAHAHAHA

Juvenile humor on video = juvenile response. Get it now?
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If it's video of a kid being a kid, then it's cute.

But that's not what it is.

It's a video of a kid being a kid that someone subtitled in an attempt to make it funnier, and, for the most part, failed.
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i cant believe people actually have their undies in a bunch over this innocent video...sheesh...and to say that it's all "kinda dumb"? it's a kid being a kid!
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"Customer Service Call"

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