NosePouch, the Best Invention in Handkerchief Since the Dark Ages!

According to the website, the NosePouch is newest functional invention in a handkerchief since the Dark Ages!

The new "pouch" design helps contain "excessive nasal discharge" (read: boogers!) better than ever when you blow your nose.

Link - Thanks Shirley!

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oh, i get it... it's to better catch the jewels that fall out of one's head.

this is an example of internet democratization that isn't good!

my 2 year old nephews are very allergy prone. this wouldn't help with the boogies. their little faces are crotch height and when i get spontaneous hugs then my jeans are going to catch the brunt with none of the greenies ending up in a pocket.
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that's just gross - if you don't have the motor skills in the first place to hold a hanky properly to your nose so you get snot all over your hands in the first place it probably seems like a valid "innovation".. but jesus.. what if you wanted to reuse it several times during the day? PUKE.
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I know disposable tissues aren't great for the environment, but handkerchiefs kind of gross me out. And carrying snot around in a pocket all day is even less appealing!
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I think Kleenex holds that distinction actually. How nasty is it to save your nasal discharge and carry it around with you? Looks like a good idea if you're stuck on using (and re-using and re-using) a handkerchief I guess.
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