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Squirrels for Sex.

From the indefatigable Miss Cellania, here's Squirrels Gone Bad: Link

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I'm originaaly a yankee from Pennsylvania, now living in Mobile Alabama, and its sad that the north thinks all people in bama are a bunch of hillbillys running around offering rodents in exchange for sex. I'd rather live in Bama then anywhere else in the country
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Hahahaha...I had the same song playing in my head when I read that article.

Sweet home Alabama! Yeeeeehaw!!

Oh and Jimbo...that joke was...ummm...disturbing! :x
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Yeah, rednecks are funny, but how do we know the wanna be john wasn't black? As far as I know, black people shoot squirrels too (and possums, etc.) and drive pickups and carry cash. At least he wasn't raping and filleting them like that Yankee in Atlantic City. Sweet Home Alabama, I'll take it any day over the so called civilized North.
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