Nailing jelly to a wall.


You’ve heard the phrase “like nailing jelly to the wall” to describe a difficult task. Graeme Cole decided to find out exactly how difficult it was to nail jelly (or Jello for Americans) to a wall. He chronicled his experiment step-by-step with pictures. Link -via the Presurfer

Update 2/8/07: MyScienceProject has more about nailing jell-o:

Our further investigation into this area leads us to state the following: Jell-O can be effectively nailed to a wall if you increase its density by reducing the proportion of water to gelatin in the recipe, or fortify it by adding more gelatin powder.
Link - Thanks ebez1

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Dear Brit,

I know it is the Queen's English and all, but how do you know this phrase isn't of American origins? If it is, well... Jelly is *jelly* here, not Jell-O(R). Maybe you call it jam? Whatever. The point is, it'd be nigh impossible to nail it to a wall... far more difficult than the relatively solid in comparison Jell-O(R).
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