Ergopod 500, Surf the Internet in Bed.

With Office Organix's Ergopod 500, there's no more reason to get out of bed anymore ... Link

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I'm 67, and can no longer sit for long periods to work at the computer. I need the additional income but can't afford a setup like this. I transcribe TV shows and work at the computer from six to twelve hours a day. Does anyone know of any firms or companies that give grants for this sort of desk?
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Geez im gettin sleepy just lookin at it ! awesome though especially for disabled people or if you were too get injured and needed too work from home.
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is that a desktop computer? well, i could see how it would be useful to be able to use a big clunky CCTV from a lying position (to lessen the back/neck strain that comes with the eyestrain).


1. i would be afraid the CCTV or other heavy equipment would fall on me (one loose screw and blammo)

2. this lying-down computer use works much better - and is portable - with a Laptop Laidback. i use mine every single day. wonderful, if addictive, for folks like me with chronic pain/fatigue. for me, being horizontal is much less taxing than sitting (ok, slouching) at a desk.
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