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Ghost Town: Chernobyl Photoblog by Elena Filatova.

Back in 2004, Elena gained Internet fame (and notoriety) for posting photos of the abandoned town of Pripyat, Ukraine, where the Chernobyl nuclear reactor is located.

At first, Elena's website made claims that she rode her motorcyle through the abandoned ghost town. Subsequently, people noted that instead she took a guided tour (by car) through the restricted zone and made factual errors on the site.

Regardless of the controversy, if you haven't seen the photos, they're worth a look.

Elena's website (via De-tec-tive)

Other interesting sites on Chernobyl:

Gpuszczone Gallery  |  Mary Mycio's Wormwood Forest: A Natural History of Chernobyl  |  Wikipedia's Chernobyl Accident and the links within

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