Secret of Fresh Meat: Carbon Monoxide!

If you ever buy a cut of meat at your friendly neighborhood supermarket, you should but may not want to read this.

OK - so, which steak is older? It's a trick question, they were bought at the same day but the one on top was packaged in an airtight container with a touch of carbon monoxide to keep it stay red for weeks!

This form of "modified atmosphere packaging," a technique in which other gases replace oxygen, has become more widely used as supermarkets eliminate their butchers and buy precut, "case-ready" meat from processing plants.

Link (via Dr. Beeper)

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I am about to become a vegetarian. Meat these days is absolute crap. I am on a sodium restricted diet and cannot even find chicken that isnt laced with salt. I guess I am going to have to raise my own livestock, but then we would make pets out of them and not want to kill them to eat. I suspected something funky with the case ready meats when I observed the packages were pressurized and commented at the time that they were probably pumped full of some gas. I wonder if its is safe to drive after you've eated a CO steak ?
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Hemoglobin (the stuff in blood that carries oxygen to all of your bits) and myoglobin (the same stuff, only in muscles {ie meat}) has a greater affinity for CO than oxygen. Bad for breathing, good for nice looking steaks I guess.
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