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So, I guess it would be okay for a woman to walk into a Board meeting and breastfeed her baby? It's not about seeing a breast. It's about the fact that she's doing something personal in a business setting. Would she bring her kid's science project in there and work on it while lecturing because her kid is sick? Would that be professional? No, it wouldn't.
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There's nothing wrong with breastfeeding, but to do so in the classroom is definitely unprofessional. You simply shouldn't be caring for an infant in the middle of a lecture. Not only is it not part of your job, but it breaks your connection with the audience for the duration of the lecture, interfering with your work (professional speaking 101). She didn't have to cancel class, she could have just called a 10-15 minute break to attend to the child - this is college, your students are adults, they'll understand having to attend to a personal matter for a minute.

Considering the context of the class and her excuses I have to question whether the professor was actually making a personal statement with her conduct more than anything, but not knowing her I can't make that call.
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Changing a baby diaper would not be the right thing to do in class. Feeding the baby strained beets would not be the right thing to do in class. Bathing the baby would not be the right thing to do in class.

It's not child care, but a job. Do the job, hire someone for childcare.
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I can't understand how anyone would not know that this isn't acceptable behavior. I feel sorry for every teacher, school official and everyone on down the line that has to deal with this woman and her kids.
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I don't think there should be an age limit to drive, but after 65-70, they should be checking your eye sight and reflexes. This is no different than some states that have rules as to when and how teenagers can drive.
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How about people circ their baby boy if they want to or don't want to and everyone else can mind their own damn business about it.
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