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"So there’s a good chance that a peasant from the thirteenth century actually smelled a lot better than Leonardo da Vinci."
You probably meant Michelangelo. He was the unhygienic one, not Leonardo.
Actually there was refrigeration. In the winter they'd put ice on straw in cellars dug in the ground, made from massive stones and it would last almost for the whole year. It was used in Europe for thousands of years, up until electricity and refrigerators.
There was also another way of preserving meat, you'd put it in barrels full of lard. Some farmers still use this technique today.
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There was no “thumbs up”/”thumbs down” in ancient Rome. That's Hollywood nonsense.
There was thumbs turned (lat. Pollice verso or verso pollice).
From the historical and literary record it is uncertain whether the thumb was turned up, turned down, held horizontally, or concealed inside the hand to indicate positive or negative opinions.
Desmond Morris said that the "tumbs down" motion was the thumb motion representing the plying of a sword. So from afar it would look like "tumbs down".
The notion of the pollice verso thumb signal was brought to popular attention by an 1872 painting by French history painter Jean-Léon Gérôme titled Pollice Verso (
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