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First: Not to be a title Nazi but, if animals aren't on endangered species lists then what is? Next. I think most animals are endangered, even the ones we don't put on a list. The Indian Rhino is "doing fine" but what happens when all the other rhinos are poached? Finally, wolves. Ask a rancher out West and they'll tell you that they have a "shoot on sight" policy. They will gladly put their numbers even below the former fifty-five. That's still pretty endangered to me.
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I visited the Dallas Dhu distillery, now a museum, about 10 years ago. It's one of the stops on the Whisky Trail. While it hasn't made whisky since 1983, it has the advantage that you can get up close to everything. Some of the machines still smelled of whisky! And at the end, there was a free shot. Even without the shot, I enjoyed the visit.
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They weren't fostering him, they adopted him then changed their minds six months later because he had too much energy for their four kids. I think that makes them bad dog owners and idiots, you don't agree. Whoopy doo. Thanks for sharing.
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Normally I would agree with you but the original article says they had the dog for several months, and if you have a dog that long it begins to bond with you and your family. Plus any good dog owner would have tried to train the dog or do something to curb its rambunctious behavior when they had several months to do so. Plus, you can tell a dog is too active for your family within a week or two, so keeping the dog for that long, and worst of all letting it bond with your family, and then returning it to the shelter makes you a bad dog owner and an idiot IMO.
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I've read two of Cynthia's books, "A Twist of Lennon" and "John", and the prominent overwhelming theme in both is her undying love for John, even several years after their divorce. She was so deeply still in love with him that right up until John's death in 1980, she always felt that she and John would reunite and be together again, forgiving him for everything he put her through.

Now THAT'S love!!
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