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I truly hope these 'art installations' are very temporary. My mother was in a store that had laid shutters in a stack with the corners jutting out in all directions. One shutter's edge tripped her and she ended up with a broken collar bone. She was 85 at the time. The store assured her that they would pay for her medical bills then refused. Within minutes after she fell the shutters had all been removed so there were no pictures taken to prove their negligence.
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I remember sitting at my mother's knee as she made her famous Chicken Grisser with pureiped sauce for dinner followed by her excellent dessert White Pistry Sweet Craps along with a hearty hot cup of Vanilla Pish and Sours with a small side of Mold Water for that extra special zing. mmm mmm! Those were the days...
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I have 2 dogs. One is 5 yrs old, sedentary and calm. The pup is 7 months old and not to be trusted left alone. She has learned that when we go out she goe into her carrier because there are treats in there. She is fine with being contained while we are out of the house. She will probably always be confined because she's half fox terrier/half spaniel and her nature is such that she doesn't respect boundaries they way we would hope she would.
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I lived in Michigan (and am currently moving back there) for over 40 years, We have potholes that have been around so long they have names! In Canada they laid roads that were thicker than we have roads so they don't have problems like the U.S. They are obviously smarter than us, too!
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When I was in my teens my mother would always make some stupid comment, in front of my date, that I should ALWAYS let the boy win at whatever game we were playing so his feelings wouldn't get hurt. I said "What about my feelings?!?"
I never, ever deliberately let a date best me at pool or chess, etc. just to soothe his fragile ego. No way, Jose.
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I remember my whole family watching the moon landing. It gave me such hope, hope about what our world could accomplish. Then it just dribbled away... Nothing else about colonizing an outpost on the moon and trying new things, new experiments, new inventions. So sad, IMO. We were on a roll...
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On the way to school in the winter (this was in Massachusetts which always got lots of snow back then) my girlfriend stuck her tongue to a guy's car when she was 6.
I can't remember if I urged her to do it or not...
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My friend who grew up on a turkey farm says these birds are really - well, the domesticated turkeys are - dumb. I wrote about my friend here before and how the turkeys collapsed their barn. He said that, for fun, he would get a piece of chalk and draw a line on some cement and put a turkey's beak onto the chalk line. Then he'd step back and watch what the bird did. Which was nothing. The bird was pretty much frozen in place, just looking at the ground. My friend said the bird would stay there for an hour, maybe 2, then suddenly look up and calmly walk away. He said he found a turkey that had flown into a tree hole and gotten stuck. When he pulled it out it was in a total vegetative state and they had to put it down.
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