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Live Out Your Post-Apocalyptic Dreams With The Pip-Boy Edition Of Fallout 4

When Bethesda Softworks announced the release of a new entry in the Fallout game franchise this November gamers started to drool like Fiends who have taken too much Jet.

Then they whipped us all into a post-apocalyptic frenzy by releasing this gorgeous trailer.

(YouTube Link)

Now Bethesda has taken our Vault fever up a few hundred notches by announcing that the special edition of Fallout 4 will come with a Pip-Boy to cover up your naked arm.

(Image Link)

The Pip-Boy features a gloriously lo-rez green screen (just like in the game!), and works with most smartphones to deliver an IRL experience that literally brings the Fallout experience home.

Sadly, these special editions have already sold out on Amazon, so if you want one of your own you should look for a Mysterious Stranger to give you a hand...

-Via The Verge

“Sports Song” by Weird Al Yankovic

Today’s music video by Weird Al Yankovic’s album Mandatory Fun is a collaboration with Funny or Die. This one isn’t even a pop parody, but an original song (although quite close to many school's fight songs) you can use when trash-talking your school’s current sports opponent. A marching band is always handy for such occasions. -via Tastefully Offensive

Weird Al is “Handy”

(video link)

It’s day four of Weird Al Yankovic’s eight daily video releases from his new album Mandatory Fun. The latest offering is a parody of Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy,” set in a workshop full of tools and hardware because he’s “Handy.”

What Is It? game 336

It's Thursday, so you know what it means, Neatoramanauts: it's time for the What Is It? Game, brought to you by the wonderful What Is It? Blog.

What is this thing in the picture? Your guess can win you a free T-shirt of your choice from the NeatoShop! Here's how to play:

Place your guess in the comment section below. One guess per comment, but you can enter as many guesses as you'd like in separate comments. Post no URLs or weblinks.

You might know what it is, but if you want to win a t-shirt, you'll have to use your imagination, because we are going to select two winners who give us the funniest incorrect guesses. If you guess right, then good for ya - but you don't win anything, okay? So, it's up to you, creative people: you have twice the chance of winning that T-shirt.

Please write your T-shirt selection alongside your guess. If you don't include a selection, you forfeit the prize. We highly suggest you take a look at the NeatoShop's new selection of Funny T-shirts and Science T-Shirts.

Ready? Go for it! (Don't forget to visit the What Is It? Blog for more clues!)

Update: This is a J.C. Cox Coin Till, the main selling point for it was that it was supposed to stop mistakes and disputes about which coin was given in payment since coins from the last four transactions could be seen through the glass on the right side. The coins were dropped into a slot at the top and progressed down to the next level by means of a brass lever which moved from side to side. Finally the coins were retained in a locked box at the base. The shelves on the left were for counted stacked coins and the bowl was for miscellaneous coins.

My favorite coins are miscellaneous coins! That’s all very interesting, but your outlandish ideas were priceless! Berhard said:

An incubator for butterfly eggs and chrysalis... On the shelf you may store the chrysalis, while the butterflies may hatch inside the glass cabinet. The glass cabinet may protect the butterflies from being disturbed or eaten by birds or laboratoy cats...

In the bowel on the left buterfly food may be stored to be able to feed the newly hatched butterflies with honey or nectar.

And Chris Date had a great idea, too.

This is cat liquor cabinet. Back before the pet prohibition amendment, you could drink alongside your pets. Small bottles of rum and scotch as well as mixers could be stored on the shelves with the "top shelf" stuff locked up in the right. The built in mixing/drinking bowl was an optional accessory to these cabinets.

So both win a T-shirt from the NeatoShop! Great going, guys! Thanks to everyone who played this week, and thanks to the What Is It blog.

Flying Chainsaws of Death

Remember the gruesome devourer of trees that we featured on Neatorama? We've found something equally - if not more gruesome: the Flying Chainsaws of Death, flown by helicopter and used to trim trees nearby powerlines in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Fun with Peter and Jane

Peter and Jane are the principle characters in many early reading books, as the British equivalent of the American Dick and Jane. Artist Jon Bentley revisits those primers, but adds a surreal adult twist in the series of oil paintings entitles “Peter and Jane, the Lost Episodes.”

‘Like many people of my generation, I learned to read with Peter, Jane, Mummy, Daddy and Pat the dog. As I struggled with the unfamiliar letters, my eyes where invariably drawn to the picture on the opposite page, full of strange details that drew me in and seemed to suggest a richer more mysterious narrative than the prosaic stories and dialogue on the written page’.  

See all eleven of the paintings, which are for sale, at My Life in Art. -via Metafilter

This Shelving System Is So Square

Well, square, rectagle, circular, etc. Really, it's just pretty geometric. The modular system comes with 25 pieces you can mix and match however you see fit and each piece is designed for a different purpose. Designers Erik Olovsson and Kyuhyung Cho based the shapes in each block so they could provide a home for specific objects -a triangle to house an open book, for example. 

The end result is a cool-looking shelving system that is totally customizable. See more pictures of the ROOM Collection at Homes and Hues: A Delightful Geometric Modular Shelving System

Hilarious: Game of Thrones/Brady Bunch Mashup

(Video Link)

It's a show about a large, extended family that struggles with occasional internal conflicts, along with treachery and murder. Yes, it's The Brady Bunch. Actor and geek celebrity Wil Wheaton brings us this mashup of two popular shows for his new program, The Wil Wheaton Project (warning: auto-sound).

Content warning: NSFW language.

-via The Mary Sue

Award-Winning Animated GIFs by Micaël Reynaud

French freelance designer and stop-motion animator Micaël Reynaud's unique animated GIFs are created utilizing slit-scan, time-lapse and masking techniques, some from as many as 100 images. (Is it wrong that, out of all these impressive examples, my favorite is the bubblin', cheese-gooey pizza?)

Reynaud’s work has garnered awards such as the Saatchi Gallery Motion Photography competition and the 2014 Giphoscope International Art GIF contest. See more of Reynaud's animated GIFs (or “hypnotic very short films” as he calls them) on his 
Vimeo channel and his Google+ account. Via Colossal.

Jeremy Mann's Gritty, Rainy Cityscapes

Hell's Kitchen

Times Square Lights

Market Street Steamvent

Jeremy Mann, a painter in San Francisco, works with a variety of subjects, but I'm especially taken with his paintings of city scenes in darkness and rain. They look like the settings of film noir tales.

Fine Art Conoisseur explains that Mann achieves his visual effects by applying brayers to flatten and move paint. He also applies solvents, which thin and corrode the paint.

-via Colossal

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