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3 locations of back masking. After Darling Nikki: "Hello, how are you, I'm fine because I know the lord is coming soon, coming soon. ha ha ha ha ha"

Beginning and end of Baby I'm a Star: (Wendy and Lisa): "So, like fuck them man. Yeah, what the fuck do they know, come on baby, let's go." "Fuck them, all their taste is in their mouths, come on baby, lets go."

Personally I like him being a Jehovah who cannot stop screwing anything he sees. And I like his interviews where he goes off on chemtrails.
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Not much I can do about it. It's how my body has been since birth. And considering the lack of doctor visits; I cannot recall the last time I had a cold, had the flu for a day 5 yrs ago (first time in 21 yrs prior), and have never gotten an infection from a cut (very lax about caring for them while I work), I'd say my immune system and repair systems are doing fine. It's been noted by many friends that I do heal really fast regarding cuts too.

So, again, it's one of those things that it's not the same for everyone. And I'm happy to not sleep much.
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After a couple of sleep studies I've found that REM is my primary state of sleep. I often wonder about friends who are exhausted after 10 hrs of sleep and wonder if they REM at all.

Even amidst stress, I'm able to just "turn-off" and sleep at will - whenever I want. So if I have time to sleep now, and will be doing something later when sleep is not convenient, I'll just sleep. Can also tell myself when to wake, rarely use alarm clocks.
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Her being distant already belies the fact that she's withdrawing (love vs. in-love). He's either a very abrasive person, or a bit ocd and antisocial (my guess). He doesn't know how to deal and figures this is just a final FU to her and she'll either snap back or cut and run. He's more or less done with it, so is she. Publishing it online just sealed it for both and sped it up. What would've been 6 - 12 months of a dying relationship has just been compressed to about 4 days.
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This guy really needs to go back in time and look at licensing. He's COMPLETELY off base on the reasons being tech related. He's comparing a betamax made in 1977/78 to a VHS made in 79. A year in tech does reduce weight. But big deal, you didn't carry the machine around.

The betamax died out in the mid 80's do to the same reasons MiniDisc, and 7" audio disks died. Sony kept the tech proprietary. The tapes, discs, whatever material had to be bought along with the machines, from Sony ALONE. At Sony's prices. Which are, even today, still at the top of the bar for consumer electronics. The VHS was licensed freely and had very strong competition driving down costs on both the machines and consumables along with raising competition for features on the machines. But Sony tech stagnated and did not continue to keep up with feature upgrades since they were not making the sales.

This simply a case of keeping too tight a hold and not having a strong enough brand to carry the price tag. Apple runs this risk as well. And, as competition increases giving other devices and OSes equal footing, Apple continues to loose market share. JUST LIKE Sony. It's simply a case of market econ.
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Yes he can be more gruesome. He's tried to get doctors to surgically remove his nose and ears to complete the skull look. He's admitted to being very aggressive and enjoys fighting. The attention and money from the tats has calmed that though. They're bad tats. They took (all total) less than 24hrs to complete. That's a lot of real estate to cover in such a short time. I don't judge him on the tats, I do think he's an ass though from the interviews.

BTW the most tattooed man in the world is the old leopard man in the UK with 99.9% of his flesh containing ink. Zombie boy does not come close.

It is an incredibly effective ad.
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Glad someone posted this. It would seem common sense loses when pretty is involved. It's about as bad as the innumerable blog posts out there that tell people to use pallet wood for furniture.
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I'm ok with people liking this film. But, for me, I look at it and cannot imagine why I liked it as much as I did as a boy. And I've enjoyed quite a few bad films. I reviewed the original trilogy a few years back and found the script, acting, directing, and worst of all the plot to all be really poorly done. So much so they over rode any nostalgia I had for them.
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Pigeonholing a movie to one genre or another is often very nearly impossible. Especially when you step outside the basics or that which is conventional. Even something as simple as a drama or love story can easily jump genres. Yes Godzilla is multiples.
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