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The word for the type of bread onto which you could put a burger varies from place to place: bread cake, barm, cob, bun, muffin, batch, roll, teacake... and probably more.

Even more fun can be had when you start exploring British regional dialects, including my own (Yorkshire):
Ee sez ee ant addit burra berry az = He say's he hasn't had it but I bet he has
Itin tin tin = it isn't in the tin (can)

Always remember this: if tha's got nowt an' tha wants owt, wuk 'ard an' tha'll allus end up wi summat if tha not deead fust! :)
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A doctorate in the humanities is not a 'bad life decision' if that's where your interests and talents lie. If you have the intelligence and willpower to get to the PhD level in ANY subject, you're a success. If humanities were 'bad' subjects presumably school should drop the teaching of history, literature, music, etc. Doing that would be a 'bad decision'.
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I don't think the criticism was offensive, and certainly not enough as to damage her chances of getting a new job. It's probably along the lines of what she'd say at an interview of asked 'why did you leave your last job?' And she has millions of hits, which would tell a future employee something about her ability to get a video talked about... although that's exactly what she rails against in the video of course!
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Everybody should have picked one of the 'agnostic' options since nobody really knows, in the 'I can prove it to you' sense, that a god does (or does not) exist. Then you're just left with theists and atheists - you either believe in god(s) or you don't. Very straightforward.
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It would probably make more sense if it was done in reverse - in the UK we drive on the left and overtake on the right, so surely that should be the rule. If it's different on an escalator, perhaps that's why people don't get follow this 'rule'. Having said that, most tourists are from countries where they drive on the right.

Maybe the rule should be: if you want to walk on the escalator because you're late for a train, you should set off 30 seconds earlier.
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Without explicitly being told 'You can't see the bag because you're black', we cannot call this racism. Maybe she though Oprah was too old to buy the bag, or maybe too fat, too short, or too American. Maybe she looked too poor - we only have Oprah's word that she didn't enter the shop wearing pyjamas, with a hangover. First world problem: you didn't get to see a handbag which costs more than most people earn in a year. Get over it.
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I'd have said that the biggest indication that they were in need of money was the fact that they had a sign made of old cardboard. You don't even need to read a cardboard sign, you pretty much know the message and why the person is there. Holding a pro-quality sign gives the impression that it's some kind of advertisement, and I don't think a homeless person begging for money needs one more reason to be ignored.
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